Mnandi Blue Jazz Band

Mnandi Blue Jazz Band - Conference Entertainers
Mnandi Blue Jazz Band - Conference Entertainers
Mnandi Blue Jazz Band is a South African band that plays popular Western Jazz and African Jazz standards, as well as their own brand of music., based on South African sounds.
They can sing the blues, play funk as good as it should be and they are at-heart Jazz fanatics.
The band plays a wide spectrum of popular standards and the most popular African songs. Their own compilations are up-tempo songs influenced by South African music. Book through Speakers Inc
Mnandi Blue Jazz Band was formed in 2008, Mnandi Blue is fronted by singer Nandie Mnyani who studied at the University of Cape Town and who has moved up to the Johannesburg music scene.
Nandie has a BMus (Hons) in performance and she specializes in Jazz and African music and she has performed in the resident band at Mannenburgs at the Green Dolphin and at the Cape Town Jazzathon as well as various other engagements in South Africa.
She was chosen as the singer for the Italian soccer team media-centre for the duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
She works at the Centre for Indigenous Instrumental Music & Dance Africa as the Ensemble Instructor for projects the organization conducts throughout the SADC Countries.
Nandie teaches music in Soweto and she is currently at WITS doing her Masters in Arts & Culture Management.
Arran Valkin plays passionately on his keys and he has been playing classical piano for 18 years, having studied with the late Sini Van Den Bron in the 90’s. Arran is currently completing his BMus at UNISA.
He has been learning popular piano, including Jazz, for the past decade and after a short stint at The Barnyard, he founded the Mnandi Blue Quartet in 2008.
He works in the call centre industry and he holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from WITS and an MBA from UCT. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter
Bass Guitar
Ike Onwuagbu has been playing bass for 16 years and he has been playing professionally since 2003.
His recent projects include:
• Cape Town African pop band, FreshlyGround at Celle Montana Rome, Italy – 2004.
• Resident band cover-band, Jas-M based at Sun City from October 2007 – January 2009.
• Solo bass (JS Bach’s cello concerto prelude no.1) for Abdullah Ibrahim’s New South African Orchestra – May 2010.
• He has played with John Fresk (a keyboardist with Chick Corea) at the Arts Festival of Southern Africa 2010 and he is currently the bassist with John Fresk in the corporate band, Metro 4.
• He has been with Mnandi Blue since 2008.
Ike is currently in his third year at the University of Technology in Tshwane.

Technical Rider – Click here to download Technical Rider for the Band when booking


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