Muzi Kubeka – Personal Financial Wealth

Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth
Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth

Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth

Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth is the CEO of My GAP (Pty) Ltd; Chairman of GIG CFI; Financial Planner and a Wealth Coach.
Muzi holds a BCom degree from Wits university, a Masters in Business Leadership degree (MBL) from Unisa, and the Executive Development Program (EDP) from GIBS university.

Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth

Muzi has worked as a Senior General manager for Barloworld and an Operations manager.
His business experience includes internal auditing, accounting, project management and sales management. Book through Speakers Inc
He has also worked as a business consultant serving the SME sector. He has worked across various industries like Petroleum, Heavy machinery distribution, Financial services and Management consulting industries.

Muzi Kubeka-Personal Financial Wealth

Muzi is a thought provoking and engaging speaker, who speaks on generational wealth building, financial wisdom and literacy.

His topic covers tools to eradicate staff indebtedness in the workplace, and the interventions required to move the individual employee from a one generational mindset of “me, myself and I for now” and self-entitlement, to that of accepting the calling as the founder of one’s family dynasty!

His message will cover what it means to be a Generational family. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter
He puts across a strong argument that building a successful economy takes prosperous families that are built on generational wealth principles.
His talk is relevant and timeous for these turbulent economic times.