Natalie Becker Aakervik – MC

Natalie Becker Aakervik - MC
Natalie Becker Aakervik

Natalie Becker Aakervik – MC was voted one of the world’s sexiest women by FHM magazine, she has been featured in magazines like In-Style, Top Billing, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Fair Lady, GQ, FHM, The Media, The Property Magazine, Glamour, The Big Issue, Heat, YOU, Huisgenoot and Sarie as well as being interviewed for several news publications.

Natalie is also an actress and has featured in international movies, The Red Phone and Consequence as well as in numerous local productions, such as Big Okes, SOS, Fishy Fashions and Ali Barber.

Film and television projects include Top Billing, Canadian mini-series, ‘Super Nova’ and SA miniseries, ‘Interrogation Room’.

She appears in a music video from the band: ‘DNA Strings’ as well as in Marcos Hernandes’ video “Bittersweet” on Mtv.

Movies filmed in 2007 which are due for international release in 2008 include ‘Disgrace’ based on J. M Coetzee’s novel where she stars opposite John Malkovich.

She filmed ‘The Deal’ alongside William H. Macy and Meg Ryan and ‘The World Unseen’ directed by author Shamim Sarif – which premiered in the prestigious ‘Discovery ‘ category at the Toronto and London Film Festivals and due for October 2008 USA and SA release.

Natalie’s most recent film venture is The Scorpion King – Rise of the Akkadian / Warrior , a Universal Pictures film Released in USA and SA in 2008.

As spokesperson, ambassador, motivational icon and celebrity,Natalie Becker Aakervik – MC is involved with many charities, social responsibility forums, literacy programs, social development and life skills projects, and has addressed learners at schools on issues such as literacy, HIV/aids.

Natalie is a sought after professional speaker and Master of Ceremonies locally and nationally and hosts numerous high -profile corporate, social and business events. She is also involved in industrial theatre projects as an MC and performer.

Natalie is a brand ambassador for Gucci eyewear for the Safilo group, and she has also represented Renault South Africa and Audi, South Africa.


Natalie is now available through Speakers Inc. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter.


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