Natalie Chapman – Conference Entertainer

Natalie Chapman - Conference Entertainer
Natalie Chapman - Conference Entertainer

Natalie Chapman – Conference Entertainer

Natalie Chapman – Conference Entertainer started her music career at the age of 8 in Musical Theatre and it became evident straight away that her talent for singing was exceptional.

She was awarded on many occasions for her outstanding performances. After studying Singing, Drama and Dance she continued her work in Theatre and Live Performances until she left for the UK .

Natalie Chapman – Conference Entertainer

Natalie has backpacked through many parts of Europe and Africa and uses her experiences as inspiration. Book the Speakers Inc

In2001 Natalie returned home to Cape Town from England after 4 years of travelling and working on her songwriting skills.

Once she was back in South Africa she started working on her own independent short films and documentaries and worked for the next 4 years in Film Production.

At the same time she began work on her debut album, which she financed personally and through private investors.

During the same period Natalie tried her luck in 2 reality music shows. She made it to the Top 60 in Idols and Top 26 in Project Fame.


Although she was proud of these achievements, she always felt that her destiny lay in original music and prides herself on her independence.

Three years of fundraising and hard work have paid off and Natalie has received great response to her Contemporary original blend of Acoustic, Soul, Pop.

Her hit single “Are you coming home?” broke all expectations by industry standards, when reaching No 2 on OFM’s Top 20 hit list.

The response from the public was immediate and her fan base began to grow around the country.

She was placed on high frequency play lists on top radio stations like Highveld, Jacaranda and Algoa. Follow SI on Twitter

Natalie Chapman – Conference Entertainer

Asher album launch grew closer Natalie made the big decision to move from her home in Cape Town to the exciting and promising world of Johannesburg in April 2006.Her long awaited debut album being released this year is a lifelong dream realised.

All of the material is original work, most of it written by Natalie herself. Natalie is a soulful, exciting , singer, songwriter and performer who is ready to leave her mark.



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