Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker

Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker
Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker

Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker

Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker started plying his trade in the insurance industry, a tough learning curve.

The skills he developed there have added tremendous value to him as a sales professional. With a strong belief of identifying and taking opportunities

Neville decided to apply his art in the corporate field and joined Dale Carnegie Training® as a training consultant. Book through Speakers Inc

A perfect match it must be said for person and industry.

Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker

Neville proved himself within the organisation and is now a multi-course instructor for Dale Carnegie Training and in his capacity as Director of Sales, it is his over-riding responsibility to recognise and develop relationships with key strategic clients.

Neville is regarded as a top facilitator and is widely known as an Inspirational Speaker.

His audience enjoys the passionate manner in which he brings his message across. Follow SI on Twitter

Often referred to as a kind soul, people quickly relate to his message and can recommend his eagerness and enthusiasm when facilitating.

Our go to market message is BE SUCCESSFUL. We give critical skills to help individuals Live, Lead, Present and Sell successfully. In our markets the company MISSION is to equip these people build relationships and influence others to help create successful companies, and these companies develop sustainable valuable communities.

Our business at Dale Carnegie Training is igniting workplace enthusiasm. Research has shown that companies with engaged employees outperform competitors by as much as 202%. Now, through a survey of 1500 employees, Dale Carnegie Training has found the KEY to creating engagement: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders in companies.

Dale Carnegie has been advocating the drivers of engagement for over 100 years. Creating engaged employees is our WOW – It’s what we do and what sets us apart. We show managers how to treat employees as valuable people with skills rather than as people with valuable skills.

Personal Specialties: On-on-One presentation coaching for executives; Program / Seminar design & delivery; Event design, delivery & follow through; Training of executives, managers, sales people, coaches & trainers.

Neville de Lucia-Motivational Speaker

Neville is an advocate of life-long learning and openly shares his experiences with others. His philosophy of ‘see people as just that, people’ has drawn him to address:

• Women only groups
• Religious groups
• Realtors
• Auditors
• Travel organizations
• IT Companies

Any company who wants to unlock their organizations best kept secret (their people) will appreciate the candid manner he employs to encourage unhappy staff to find passion in their existing profession, or resign and find the happiness that they deserve elsewhere.


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