Nick Christelis – Change Management

Nick Christelis - Change Management
Nick Christelis - Change Management

Nick Christelis – Change Management frequently asks Are you struggling to build those extremely important partnerships in your life?
Whether it’s customer/supplier, employer/ employee, department to department, company/unions, husband/wife or police/communities, the nature of the game has changed.

The ability to build partnerships that co-create value has become not only critical, but is in itself a powerful strategic differentiator for businesses, and an important prerequisite for happy and successful personal relationships. Nick is available through Speakers Inc

Alone, as good as you or your business or your marriage might be, you are just another commodity and you are at risk from a highly competitive and sometimes unforgiving world.

This demanding environment has forced us to become focused and individually excellent in order to survive and succeed.

As individuals and businesses become more independently excellent and self sufficient, so do they, unfortunately, become more polarised, creating the potential for conflict.

Fixed viewpoints, processes and behaviours that are independently correct for one party can be incorrect for the other.

The battle is on, with the spoils going to the strongest, the most powerful, or the party that is the best negotiator. Or a compromise is reached.

Whichever way it goes, value is destroyed. The battle has been won but the war has just begun.

Tomorrow’s success goes to those who have the skills to build partnerships that create great mutual value – value that can never be achieved individually – while leaving both partners independently enriched and more powerful by the experience.

With inspiring stories, proven relationship building strategies and tips, this presentation will motivate you to build partnerships that are more effective and more mutually beneficial. Follow Nick on Twitter

Learn about:

–    The stages of the partnership journey;
–    The biggest stumbling block of all: The 3R’s and what you can do about them;
–    The pitfalls of either-or thinking;
–    How to turn conflict into productive friction;
–    The SIX PACK for building powerful partnerships.

So whether you are in business or in a personal relationship, “The Partnership Journey” is the ideal presentation for you.

Nick Christelis – Change Management

GUEST SPEAKER Nick Christelis was absolutely awesome, amazing and spot on with his message. If ever there was a home run hit out of the park, Nick was it !!! Thanks again for the important and efficient role that Guest Speaker played and will definitely utilize you again.
Carol Burns-Thomson – McCarthy Fleet Services



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