Nicola Tyler – Strategic Leadership

Nicola Tyler - Strategic Leadership
Nicola Tyler

Nicola Tyler – Strategic Leadership is a renowned expert in the field of Lateral Thinking and she has been a strategist and leadership development trainer for over twenty years, now available through Speakers Inc

During this time, she worked with, and was trained by, Dr Edward de Bono, in his creative and lateral thinking methods. As CEO of Business Results Group, she heads up the official distributorship of Dr Edward de Bono’s Thinking Methods, Official Tom Peters Training, iOpener Institute’s Science of Happiness at Work and Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers Leadership Development in Southern Africa.

BRG also owns the prestigious brand, ‘The Progress Conference’; host to the annual Happiness @ Work conference and numerous thought leadership programs in South Africa.

Nicola has shared the stage with a number of world renowned speakers such as Martin Seligman, Dave Ulrich, Tom Peters, Martin Lindstrom, Robert Kaplan, Ricardo Semler and more. She has personally addressed audiences in Argentina, Bahrain, Bangkok, Brussels, Cambodia, Paris, Prague, Mauritius, Switzerland and London, as well as having done extensive work in Africa and in the Middle East.

She is a Professional Associate at GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science), which has been ranked as the number one Business School in Africa (Financial Times, UK), where, for several years

Nicola presented an MBA elective on Creative and Innovative Thinking. Today, she presents on a number of company specific programs for the business school on both Innovative and Strategic Thinking.

Nicola is a professional, insightful and engaging speaker who is passionate about making a difference and delivering results.

She brings a deep respect and appreciation for business needs into their sessions by engaging people at all levels and encouraging the process of thinking in such a way, that it stimulates commitment and buy-in to decisions.

She is widely considered a master at applying de Bono’s techniques in live business situations. She is an erudite presenter and master facilitator with business experience way beyond the field of Creative Thinking.

Nicola Tyler – Strategic Leadership unique and pragmatic style of working has earned her a reputation for being able to ‘turn strategy into action’ and personal passion for thinking, innovation and results, is realized through a process that she has coined as ‘Operative Strategy’.

Drawing on her twenty years of experience in the fields of strategy and innovation, Nicola facilitates strategic planning, strategic thinking and innovation processes and workshops across a variety of industries. Follow Nicola on Twitter

She regularly consults to organisations on strategic innovation, she coaches executives on the implementation of strategy and she facilitates partnering innovation workshops for clients.

Nicola has been interviewed on radio, television, and Nicola Tyler – Strategic Lateral Leadership has frequently contributed to articles on management journals, both locally and internationally.

Thinking Differently ™ About ….

It’s not often that you can book a speaker to present on any topic but quite literally, that’s what you can do with Nicola.

Nicola Tyler – Strategic Leadership will bring to your subject the topic of thinking and in an engaging and high impact presentation, she will get your team thinking differently about … just about … ANYTHING!

The trick is the thinking part. She’s done in mining, sales, financial services, health care, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, branding, finance, risk management and more! And, even if she hasn’t done one in your field, she will be up for the challenge for sure!

Think – discover how your brain processed information and what goes right and wrong when you begin to think.

Differently – discover the power of perception and how learning to change perceptions can change, just about, anything. It’s the key to innovation success and it will unlock new thinking in the room, in an instant!

About – pick your topic and that will become the theme of Nicola’s presentation. She will research your industry and get to know your needs to ensure that she hits the relevant nail on the head! Your wish, is Nicola’s command!

Our company has quite a few different products in our stable.  Nicola is a master certified trainer in de Bono courses (Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Power of Perception, Six Value Medals and Simplicity).  The most favoured course is Lateral Thinking.


“Working with Nicola was a breath of fresh air. She opened my eyes to be creative on cue, and I still use the techniques she taught. I have seldom felt as inspired as I was during the session she led and it is a testament to her as a speaker and a facilitator that it was effortless, simple, and above all, fun.

In just a day, Nicola helped us to come up with industry changing ideas but added realistic dimensions of practicality and task-orientated action plans. I would, without hesitation, recommend her services – she is truly gifted at unlocking creativity and helping you change the game. Nicola helps you believe that anything is possible and then gives you the tools to do it”

Liam Monaham, Product Designer, USA

“Nicola was a lecturer on the last day of the Global Leadership course for senior managers for a number of years. As a facilitator on that program, I would always, with a knowing smile, promise delegates that the last day would be the highlight of their program. Given how good the program was and how tired they were at the end of 10 days, they inevitably struggled to believe me.

But once they finished their last day, every single group and individual who met her, and who experienced her particular and incredible energy, knew exactly why I had said what I said. Nicola has an extraordinary knack for waking people up to the key issues of being a leader and a person in ways that remain with them for a long time.

Added to her great sense of humour and ability to inspire people, it makes for a unique and powerful combination that works a very particular magic on people and groups”
Niven Postma, Head of External Strategy, SARB

“I’ve known Nicola Tyler for nearly twenty years – I’ve seen her speak, I’ve worked with her on projects, I’ve read her flawless writing, I’ve picked her keenly organised, highly innovative brain. I’ve watched her sustain a focused effort on her goals through countless obstacles and downturns, and I have also celebrated her masterful ability to seize opportunities and develop them to the max.

I’ve warred with Nicola when our views differed and learned that she will not give up – on her mission, on people, on doing the right thing. I admire the balance that Nicola keeps as she ranges between radically innovative idea generations and strategic, practical, idea implementation. Her company, Business Results Group, says that they endeavour to ‘employ’ and be surrounded by ‘WOW! People’.

They are certainly led by a ‘WOW’ CEO.
Kathleen Myers, Former President, de Bono Thinking Systems, USA


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