Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC

Nimrod Nkosi - Celebrity Personality MC
Nimrod Nkosi - Celebrity Personality MC

Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC

Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC is best known for hosting South Africa’s National Lottery. Fluent in English, Xhosa, isiZulu, siSwati, Venda and Sesotho, Nimrod has endeared himself to the South African lotto playing community, best known as ‘The Lotto Man’. Nimrod is now available through Speakers Inc.

His experience and execution of television and corporate in-house game shows has earned him the title of ‘The Ultimate Games Master’.

Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC

.So what makes Nimrod Nkosi-Celebrity Personality MC the best choice for an event?

He’s charismatic, he appeals to all demographics, he is multi-lingual, he is punctual, an absolute professional, he has an impeccable reputation and he is a two-time Avanti Award Winner (Best Television Presenter for Jam Alley).

Although Nimrod is not a comedian by trade, he always adds a tasteful comedic aspect to all of his events.

Television presenter and actor Nimrod Nkosi has shared his experiences of growing up with an abusive father.
Nkosi, who presented the last two seasons of Mzansi Magic’s Utatakho, said he had to watch his mother suffer physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his father until she got divorced.

“My father psychologically abused my mom, and now and then slapped her and after being married in 1974 [they] divorced in ’96… even when that process was happening he continued being verbally abusive towards us,” he said on Facebook.

Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC, who has for some time been the presenter for the Lotto and for Jam Alley, was speaking amid the storm that followed the death of 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena, who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend.

Nkosi said his father’s abuse affected him to such an extent that he almost attacked his father.

“I would be so angry, close to beating him up, but my mother didn’t raise that kind of a man – which begs my question, who raised these violent men? Who broke them?” he asked.

Nimrod Nkosi – Celebrity Personality MC

Some of Nimrod’s corporate clients include:

Wesbank, The Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism, ABSA, Cadbury’s Pick a Box, Edcon, Grinaker, CSIR, Massmart, Mondi, Shoprite Checkers, Murray & Roberts, Oude Meester, Ford South Africa, Clientele, Top 100 Companies, Standard Bank South Africa, Nestle South Africa, DSA (SA), Telkom Seychelles Yearend Function, Samsung, SAB, Coca-Cola and more!

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