Oresti Patricios – Media Entrepreneur

Oresti Patricios - Media Entrepreneur
Oresti Patricios - Media Entrepreneur

Oresti Patricios – Media Entrepreneur

Oresti Patricios – Media Entrepreneur remembers being happiest on the back of a tiny motorcycle winding through bumper-to-bumper traffic on the A5, clutching onto his bags and a hulk of a Nigerian, speeding to catch his plane at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, in Lagos, Nigeria. Oresti is now available through Speakers Inc.

I had just done a presentation in Lagos and had to get to the airport, but was stuck in gridlock as the minutes ticked by and it became evident that I was going to miss my flight,” says Patricios. “Next thing I hear a knock on my window and see this oversized man motioning to me to jump onto the back of a bike that barely contains his bulk.”

“I didn’t know it at the time, but this was an Okada driver. Think of it as a taxi on two wheels that zips and darts through Lagos’ impenetrable traffic,” laughs Patricios. “For me this is what entrepreneurialism is all about. Finding solutions to problems.”

Oresti Patricios – Media Entrepreneur

The CEO of Ornico Group, Patricios is a born entrepreneur who has used his smarts to grow the media, advertising and brand intelligence company he leads into an African research leader. “When I started Ornico I was a teenager with a TV camera shooting wedding videos,” Patricios exclaims.

From humble beginnings, today Ornico provides reputation, media, advertising and brand research with a suite of products that includes Brand Intelligence™ across the African continent. It does this to help marketers and brand owners make sense of the flood of information that occupies traditional and social media. Follow Oresti on Twitter.

By collecting and analysing media data across many channels, Ornico informs brand owners and marketing decision makers about the most important strategic decisions they’ll ever make regarding their brands.

Ornico employs a dedicated team of over 120 people in offices in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana and enjoys partnerships with expert researchers that reaches across the continent. It provides brand insights and intelligence to hundreds of Africa’s top companies and public entities including Capitec, Hollard Insurance, Old Mutual, Revlon, South African Breweries, Wimpy, and more.

Patricios has an MBA in Social Media from the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science, has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is on the board of the Pan African Media Research Organisation and is Chairperson of the South African Media Monitoring and Measurement Association. View list of Premium Speakers

Self-described as an “entrepreneur, visionary and risk taker”, Patricios pushes boundaries, challenge existing ideas and inspires his peers and colleagues to embrace growth in Africa, and to use entrepreneurial thinking to solve corporate problems.

A private angel investor, Patricios was once elected the Greek Chamber of Commerce in South Africa’s ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’, an accolade that was personally handed to him by Nelson Mandela.

Oresti Patricios is a leading thinker on:

–    Brands in Africa.
–    Consumers in Africa.
–    Media & Advertising Research in Africa.
–    Entrepreneurial organisations.

Oresti Patricios – Media Entrepreneur





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