Otherworld – Conference Corporate Band

Otherworld - Conference Corporate Band
Otherworld - Conference Corporate Band

Otherworld – Conference Corporate Band

The full five-piece Otherworld – Conference Corporate Band can perform for a four-hour gig period, playing a variety of music that is slightly off your mainstream cover band.

A contemporary adult band that offers a variety of world, jazz, blues, afro-Celt, acoustic instrumental guitar, drum and bass as well as soft rock.

If so requested, they also combine the above with an interactive djembe (African) drumming set, where members of the audience come up on stage, play with the band. (Definitely a crowd pleaser) book through Speakers Inc

For evening performances, we can also provide choreographed fire and poi dancers.

Otherworld – Conference Corporate Band

The fire dancing, which is choreographed to the band’s music, is great for outdoor gigs and adds an amazing visual effect. For indoor performances, the same is done using luminescent glow poi, thereby eliminating any fire hazard.

For special occasions we can provide a spectacular show using only drumming and fire dancing. Book through Speakers Inc

Sue Condie started Otherworld in 2001. After playing with various people, groups and bands for over 10 years, she decided she wanted to be part of a group that played a unique brand of music, not a typical cover band but more adult contemporary style.

She also wanted to be able to incorporate original music, which is not always of mainstream appeal. Having had a strong Celtic and folk influence, Sue was definitely more partial to the acoustic sound.

The first Otherworld project was started with Louis Esterhuizen and this duo was soon collaborating with Shamamzi, a Natal based band. After a successful stint, they split up to further their own careers.

The next addition to Otherworld in 2002 was Mark Sinclair, an aspiring young guitarist who not only slotted in with the Otherworld ideal, but also introduced a more modern jazz flair.

After a year of performing successfully as a duo, they were joined by Frank Magongwa on the bass and Gontse Makhene on percussion, both ex NSA students who added an Afro-Jazz flavour to the Otherworld format, thus creating a unique Afro-Celtic sound, with a combination of jazz, folk and blues.

The band was finally completed by the addition of Errol Favish, a former rock drummer who wanted to try something new.

Otherworld – Conference Corporate Band

The result is a fresh combination of sounds and styles that range right across the musical spectrum, providing a new alternative to mainstream music.

Subsequently, Otherworld has been performing at numerous functions and events across the country.

OTHERWORLD has just completed a residency at Monte Casino and is now available to perform for you from October 2004.


Band supplies full PA. Can work from 2 piece up to 5 piece including full drum kit. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter


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