Owning your presence… by Lizette Volkwyn

Owning your presence.. by Lizette Volkwyn

I once met this old man, whilst traveling. I guess as a tourist, anything goes.

His coat was tacky, his hair in desperate need of grooming, and his age betrayed by his body…but something pulled me back, calling me to start a conversation with this stranger.

A pair of deep blue eyes greeted me, with a smile that confirmed that he has more experience than I could ever imagine and for the next hour or so, I ventured into a journey of adventures and tales, of a man with so much stature and wisdom. A memory cast forever in mine.

It was in this silly moment in time, I come to realize it is time to own your presence, pull people back and start a conversation with a stranger.

When was the last time you have owned your presence? Be who you are. Not making excuses for who you are. Presented yourself as you.

Owning your presence is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself today, BUT more so to the one you entrust yourself with today.

Not only are you being authentic, but you also radiate a presence of confidence, experience and self-love.

In a world of materialism, all of us have an inherent need to be recognized, tell our story and be listened to. Owning your presence says, I have a story to tell…Listen…it says, I know…let me help you, it says, I am okay you are okay…let us unite….

As the old man shared his stories, I could relate. I could listen to what he is saying, and I was open to his advice. When we own our presence, people will listen, acknowledge us and most of all we will unite to move forward.

Choose wisely today, own your presence. You have value to bring to this world own it.

If my old man refused to own his presence, I would not have been amazed by his wisdom….and I would not have been able to share this with you today. I am owning mine, let’s get connected and start sharing our wisdoms.

Owning your presence…by Lizette Volkwyn

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