Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy

Pavlo Phitidis - Entrepreneurship Business Strategy
Pavlo Phitidis - Entrepreneurship Business Strategy

Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy

Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy offers over 20 years of direct experience in conceptualising, starting and building business enterprises in South Africa.

Over this period, he has brought over one billion Rands of business assets to market in the forms of family businesses, company start-ups, company turnarounds and a number of acquisitions for the purpose of company listings.

Pavlo’s success lies in his holistic view on the entire business building cycle from idea to start-up, to build, to sale across a number of sectors and industries. Book through Speakers Inc

Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy

This diverse experience has given him a unique perspective of industry peculiarities and business dynamics, from the viewpoint of the entrepreneur, the funder and the corporate doing business with them.

As CEO of Aurik Business Incubator, Pavlo has worked with over 900 entrepreneurs with annual turnovers starting at R1m up to R80m across most sectors and industries in our economy today.

The nature of his work relies on an intimate engagement with the entrepreneur to achieve a single outcome; the building of the business into an asset of value.

Pavlo commentates on entrepreneurship, business strategy, development and enterprise development through his work at 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk.

“Every day I meet the most passionate, bold, courageous, frightened, creative, determined, self-doubting, obsessive people in South Africa. They are the entrepreneurs that with the right help will make our country great!”

Pavlo in the media:

He is a well known radio personality on the national radio station, 702 and 567 Cape Talk. Pavlo’s experience in media is well recognised and he is considered a specialist in the field of presenting, advising and supporting Radio and TV media content through targeting entrepreneurs and business development topics.

Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy is a passionate speaker, his talks are driven through dramatised storytelling, gleamed from direct experience of having worked, talked and engaged with hundreds of entrepreneurs, allowing the content to resonate on a very human level.

The audience will leave inspired, thoughtful and motivated.

His talks are aimed primarily at entrepreneurial audiences found at trade show events, AGM’s, new product/service launches, corporate sales and innovation strategy workshops. The talks are also very well suited to entrepreneur competitions and awards in general.

Pavlo has a diverse range of topics (entrepreneurship, innovation, motivation) that he is able to speak on, namely:

·    The purpose of an entrepreneur
·    If they are doing it, why aren’t you?
·    The success of failure
·    Beyond transactions … (aimed at the retail sector)
·    The future is mine … (aimed at the mining sector)
·    The physics of the entrepreneurial endeavor

Competitions & Campaigns

Well designed and managed competitions and campaigns build the ideas, opportunities and understanding of entrepreneurship in South Africa. They also build databases of warm leads for a sponsor to offer products and services to!

Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy thrives on helping entrepreneurs discover their latent talent for turning their dreams and themselves into something bigger than they imagined they could be!

One of the ways of facilitating this, is hosting and facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation competitions. Follow SI on Twitter

His role goes further to include supporting the entire project management of such events. This involves:

·    Competition concept development
·    Competition management – including promotion, call to action, assessment, rating, qualification, selection.
·    Campaign development to build, populate and communicate to entrepreneur and SME databases.

Practical and impact full seminars can attract large paying audiences. The amount of work put into these seminars will directly translate into a return benefiting you and the attendees equally!


Pavlo Phitidis – Entrepreneurship Business Strategy

‘I really want to get my invention to the market and now I know what my first 3 steps need to be!’
Attendee at the IIISA Event

“What  a great presentation, much to think about and the opportunity to get some great business advice.”
The Institute of Innovators and Inventors of South Africa (IIISA)

“Overall event rating : ave 8 out of 10 Speakers’ ratings : ranged from ave 8.6 to ave 7.6. You came in 1st spot with 8.6, so well done on a fantastic job! A lot of valuable learnings for everyone. Thanks for helping to make this event a success”
Launch of Mzansi Gold Angel Network

“Your re-orientation of the business to market to NGOs at launch is sheer genius the more I consider it as the way I had initially positioned the business may have been perceived as confrontational or competition to their solid work had I launched based on initial format.”
AJ Munian, Founder and CEO of Clicks2Dreams

“Best speaker of the conference by far”

“Our business has grown 100% in 6 months as a direct result of Pavlo’s advice” Rob de Wet, EMS (Pty) Ltd

“Thank you so much for your awesome presentation yesterday; “Beyond a Transaction” – was powerful and we have received positive feedback from tenants.”
Olive Ndebele, Centre Manager, Old Mutual Property

You are your own worst enemy

A technology start-up’s biggest enemy is technology itself, says local business incubator Aurik Business Accelerator.

Aurik CEO Pavlo Phitidis says technology innovation often becomes the be all and end all of a start-up and many of the other business processes get left behind.

“A good competence in technology can stifle you as a business,” says Phitidis.

He says skilled technicians get caught up in technology, spending more time on trying to make it perfect than trying to get a product to market. “The thing you fight with the most in a technology start-up is yourself,” he says.

According to Phitidis, technology businesses need to have a commercial face. “It’s commerce that sells, not technology,” he says.

The days of “build it and they will come” are over and technology start-ups need to learn a thing or two about commerce, or at least have someone in the business that already has.

“Too often technologists invest too much time in the lab because they can’t or don’t want to interface with the customer or the commercial side of the business,” he says. “You don’t have to give up on the vision of your technology idea, but you must make sure you have a solid go-to-market strategy to be successful.”

According to Phitidis, there is enough funding available in SA for tens of thousands of start-up technology businesses.

He says a solid business proposal, written in the correct language, can make all the difference when looking for seed funding. Another trick is to scale back the business plan. “The smaller you start, the smaller the chunk of the business a funder will want,” he says.  — Candice Jones, TechCentral


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