Phenias Sadondo – Inspiration Motivational

Phenias Sadondo - Inspiration Motivational
Phenias Sadondo - Inspiration Motivational

Phenias Sadondo – Inspiration Motivational was born in a small village called Madzinga in Honde Valley near Mutare in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands.

His parents made a living from peasant farming and general jobs at the tea estates. Phenias completed his primary education at St James Nyamhingura Primary School and due to sickness, he failed to write his Grade 7 examinations.
Whilst everyone else was convinced that he was supposed to repeat Grade 7, Phenias resisted. Instead, he started searching for a place to begin his secondary education.
Many schools rejected him because he did not have a Grade 7 certificate. Book through Speakers Inc

Phenias Sadondo – Inspiration Motivational

Only one school, Sahumani Secondary School, gave him the chance to do secondary education but on the condition that he passed an entrance examination.
He utulised this opportunity wisely and after four years of walking 15 km every day, scrambling for a few books available, struggling to study in a dim candle light, Phenias managed 7 A’s and 4 B’s in his final ordinary level examinations.
He later went on to study A-levels in Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry at St Joseph’s High School in Mutare.
He then moved to Harare where he completed his BSc Honours degree at the University of Zimbabwe in development, climate change and renewable energy sectors.
Phenias graduated with a Master of Science in Conservation Biology degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT) which has always been his dream.
In 2011, he had the opportunity to organise and facilitate workshops at UNEP’s Tunza Conference in Bandung, Indonesia and he represented Zimbabwe as a Youth Delegate in the COMESA-SADC-EAC Youth Climate Change Summit held in Lusaka in Zambia in 2011 and at COP 17 in Durban in 2011.

Phenias Sadondo – Inspiration Motivational

Phenias is a motivational and inspirational speaker with a sense of humour whose key note message is: ‘Dream Big But With Your Eyes Open: Lessons from The Village’.

The village taught him to germinate even without water; to go beyond logic; to thrive without money. Follow on Twitter

In addition, he learnt that mist doesn’t dissolve the mountains neither does the sun melt them, he learnt of the resilience and resistance of eagles, the patience of peasant farmers and fishermen.

Phenias is also an author whose first book; Cryptic Thoughts, is complete and will be published soon. In addition, The Sounds of Silence (a collection of over 80 poems) is also done, just waiting for official publication.


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