Phinda Madi – Communitaction Consultant

Phinda Madi - Communitaction Consultant
Phinda Madi - Communitaction Consultant

Phinda Madi – Communitaction Consultant

Phinda Madi – Communitaction Consultant is a consultant and director of a communications consultancy which is owned, managed and staffed in the main by black professionals.

Currently, Phinda does consultancy work for a wide range of organisations, from major listed conglomerates to small and emerging black business ventures and government offices. Book through Speakers Inc

Phinda Madi – Communitaction Consultant

A lawyer by profession, he holds a B.Proc degree from the University of Zululand (1986) and two business administration diplomas.

He also has extensive experience as a merchant banker and a human resources manager in the banking environment.

Phinda Madi is an author as well as a recognized expert on the emotive issue of affirmative action, which he has researched for 8 years.

His book ‘Affirmative Action in the Corporate South Africa “ published in 1993 is so far the only book on this issue written entirely by a black management person.

Over and above his management consultancy business, he regularly contributes articles to business and specialist publications and has become a sought after guest speaker on affirmative action and organisational transformation.

His recent article on affirmative action was voted the article of the year by the Institute of Personal Management. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

He also received numerous awards for his other writings and is currently completing his second book.

Phinda Madi – Communitaction Consultant

Phinda Madi is available to deliver presentations on many areas of black economic empowerment, management development and communication strategies.

He also speaks on affirmative action programmes, as well as the, all important issue of retaining affirmative action candidates.



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