Ray Patterson – Sales Motivational

Ray Patterson - Sales Motivational Keynote
Ray Patterson - Sales Motivational Keynote

Ray Patterson – Sales Motivational is a dynamic and experienced Sales Trainer and Conference Speaker. He has over 40 years experience in Sales and Sales Management.

He spent 16 years working for a few different companies in positions ranging from General Accounts Salesman, Key Accounts Salesman, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Commission only Home Improvements Salesman and Group Managing Director.

He started his own small successful business which he ran for 19 years. Ray has currently committed himself to inspiring a professional attitude in Sales. Book through Speakers Inc

He bridges the gap between sales knowledge and effective selling through his ‘R.A.P’™ (Responsible, Accountable and Proud) program.

He inspires and he reignites sales people’s passion for selling, getting them to assume responsibility for being sales professionals.

Ray believes that sales people should be proud of who they are and proud of what they do; ‘Because nothing ever happens until a salesperson sells something.’

Sales Motivational Keynote Speaking


Ray’s Sales Motivational Keynote is energetic and passionate! Unlike most speakers, he chooses to speak with no power point, which enables him to really “connect” with the audience. Follow SI on Twitter

Topic Type: Sales Motivation | Duration: 45 Minutes – 1 Hour

Audience: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Support, Anyone responsible for managing Salespeople

Selling may or may not be the oldest Profession in the world, but it certainly is the BEST! Be proud of who you are and what you do because

Ray Patterson – Sales Motivational goal when I present my Sales Training Keynote Speech is get Salespeople to:

  •     Feel PROUD of who they are and PROUD of what they do -See selling as a profession that deserves recognition
  •     Be enthusiastic and excited about going out and seeing customers  – You will want to go out and start selling again!
  •     Improve their knowledge and skills and become EXPERTS in SALES – Equip you with a simple Sales Process that they can use immediately to increase sales
  •     TAKE responsibility, and MAKE things happen!! – Renew energy, enthusiasm and excitement for selling

We live in a fascinating world of  iPhones ,computers and social media and still people buy from people!

Sales Keynote Outline

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  •     Become a “R.A.P.” and not a REP – (Responsible. Accountable. Proud)
  •     Become EEE enabled. (Energy. Enthusiasm. Excitement)
  •     Salespeople should be proud of who they are and proud of what they do.
  •     All people buy the same, they make a decision based on an emotion, not logic.
  •     People don’t buy price, they buy value. Sell the benefits of your product – not the   price. Sell the “good feelings” that the customer wants to experience!
  •     Compare selling to some of the other professions.
  •     Selling requires skills and techniques. Stick to the basics.
  •     Most salespeople are not sure what they should be doing, they are spending too much time in the office and not enough time in front of the customer.
  •     See the customer, discuss their needs, present your offer and ask for the business!!
  •     Improve your knowledge and skills and become experts in SALES!!
  •     6 ways to improve your self confidence and your ATTITUDE.
  •     Take action – Tell the world that you are proud of who you are and what you do!