Riaan Fourie – Creative Collaboration

Riaan Fourie - Creative Collaboration

For the last decade, Riaan Fourie – Creative Collaboration has worked to encourage the philosophy of strength through vulnerability. He has endeavored to guide others to embrace their authenticity and better help each other by sharing their value, both at work or as entrepreneurs.

The future of work isn’t changing, it has changed. Riaan is doing his part in reminding us to navigate this in a strategic and meaningful way.
He believes in the youth of South Africa and their capacity to shape their individual futures by having faith in who they are and in their ambitions. Riaan Fourie – Creative Collaboration holds the view that this is as true for the everyday working South African as it is for the children being raised by them. Book Riaan now through Speakers Inc

As an Artist Developer (a job he made up and later wrote a book about), Riaan has served as a consultant to Grammy and SAMA Award Winning artists, amongst many other talents. He was tasked with guiding them to trust in their authenticity when creating, allowing who they are to set their path and educate their strategies. He has also co-written hit songs in South Africa that are still being played on national radio today.
He was invited to facilitate boys in their journey to become young men – by helping them connect to and express their feelings. The process was designed to share tools to help these boys take control of their lives. These boys were often selected from at-risk environments and as such Riaan has served in orphanages and home shelters as part of teams presenting cutting edge US programs to transform the life experiences of participating South African youths.
Having made up his job as an Artist Developer, Riaan Fourie – Creative Collaboration began writing a book for young adults that transparently tells his story of starting out as a 16-year-old entrepreneur and his journey to today. “How I Made Up My Job” focuses on how the personal and professional tools that he still uses today played a role to guide him along the way. He shares his emotional development strategies, insights, over a decade of branding and marketing knowledge and what it takes to be an entrepreneur in 21st Century South Africa.
Riaan founded First365 in 2016 to create a space where soon-to-be entrepreneurs are exposed to successful millennial entrepreneurs. The space is designed to enable these entrepreneurs to share the story of how they managed their very first year of making their dream a reality. Although the event focuses on discussing daily tasks and the overall strategies that got them from having an idea to having a strong business, the importance of the First365 brand lies in its philosophy that the first year is the most difficult and the more we authentically talk about the challenges of that year, the more possible starting a new venture will seem to the youth of South Africa.

Riaan Fourie – Creative Collaboration


Would you date your Brand?

  • What does it take for you to commit?
  • What values and characteristics do you need before going into a relationship?
  • Why do we assume that our clients are not choosing their favourite brands in the same way as we would choose our next serious partner?
  • And if that is how your customers decide if they will be loyal to your brand, are you giving enough value and treating them with enough respect to make them choose you and commit?
  • Thee are the questions I focused on when designing this course. Because everyone can understand a relationship, right? But how often do we assume that someone our customers make their decisions in a totally different way than us? They don’t.
  • How we decide what matters to us and what makes us stay loyal is exactly the same as everyone else.
  • And like all of my courses, this applies to you as well – because if I can help you understand yourself better, or help you see yourself differently by challenging you a little bit, then great!
  • This course is designed to help you grow your brand with a long term relationship with your customers in mind. Where you invest in your customers to give them a reason to be loyal.
  • At the end of this course you will see your brand in a completely new and dynamic way by allowing yourself to focus on what you can do to make your customers see you as a serious part of their life that they would be stupid not to be loyal to.
  • We all want connection and to feel like we matter – the brand that already give us that are some of the most important in our lives – there is no reason why you can’t be that brand for someone, you just need to make the first move!

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Millennial Motivation

Retaining and managing millennials (especially first-time employees) is challenging, not only in terms of training but in terms of having empathy for a generation whose priorities are so different.

This talk by Riaan Fourie is designed to help you lead and understand what motivates millennials, de-mystify the generation gap and shift the focus from generational differences to similarities.

  • The most difficult part of running any business is finding good people. People who understand your business philosophy, your values, and what drives you. We all want to come to work in a place where there is no tension and miscommunication, and that is something we all work hard to achieve.
  • However, with the nature of work changing so rapidly, the shift in priorities and expectations of Millenials can often be unrecognizable for Gen Xers this may lead to generational tension. 
  • With Millennials currently making up the majority of the workforce, we must look at what moves them, what inspires them and what keeps them loyal. Most of all, we need to understand what helps them be more productive in your work environment and living up to their deliverables.
  • This talk is designed to demystify the communication barrier between the generations, to look at what makes us more the same than different, and for us to focus on the strengths of each generation to maximize on the potential of your team.

Own Your Authenticity

  • A guide to personal leadership and Practical steps to help you become more self-aware and begin fully engaging with your authenticity
  • Why is it difficult for some of us celebrate and share what makes us unique?
  • Why is it that the internet is making us feel more judged than accepted?
  • How are we supposed to learn how to be ourselves, and live more authentically when so much of our society or community is built to make us choose a side or to fall in step with everybody else?
  • This course is designed for anyone who is ready to act as an individual and wants to become more self-aware by sharing what makes you different and beautiful (without the shame or judgement for simply being yourself).
  • Most people if you asked them whether they are authentic would say yes, or take offense if you were to ask them. This is an important lesson to learn:
  • Accepting that authenticity is a life long journey is crucial to your understanding of yourself. The work of getting to know yourself is never complete, and because of this: there are no shortcuts or answers.
  • Think of this talk is a structured series of insights and encouragements, guiding you through the values and characteristics of a life lived authentically. 
  • In the process you might be challenged to question parts of yourself that you thought you knew fully. You might realize you are more complex than you ever could have imagined. You might also learn that you have slipped into a pattern of living for others instead of living your own life truthfully.
  • Because that is all that authenticity is: living truthfully. Living fully, by speaking the truth kindly and thoughtfully.
  • This talk will guide you through exactly what to think about in taking your first steps into learning about yourself in what could feel like a new way.