Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker

Richard Sutton - Wellness Health Speaker
Richard Sutton - Wellness Health Speaker

Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker

Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker is a member of the International Association of Healthcare Professionals and is a clinically trained neuro-vascular practitioner, with a background in bio-kinesiology.

His education abroad with some of the world’s greatest innovators in medicine has provided a platform for his unique and expert understanding of the complex inter-relationships, which exist within the human body. Now available to book through Speakers Inc

Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker

Richard’s reputation as a problem solver within the context of overcoming chronic pain and reaching one’s overall potential first emerged in professional sport.
Over the last two decades, national federations and individual athletes from Russia, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, India, Australia, Thailand, South Africa and People’s Republic of China have regularly sought his expertise and guidance.
Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker has worked with five former world number one tennis players, Springbok rugby captains and Olympic gold medalists. Follow on Twitter
In 2007, in an attempt to exceed previous Olympic results, China contracted Richard as their Director of Athletic Development for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker is also a highly respected educator and presents postgraduate Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) accredited courses at a number of universities and congresses (both local and international) within the fields of pain management, regional injuries, health facilitation and athletic development.
In addition, Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker has been a regular contributor to several leading health and sports publications.
Richard runs a practice and consultancy specializing in chronic pain disorders, as well as a broad spectrum of complex health issues. He is currently writing a book on health and vitality.
Richard’s clients include:
• ENSAfrica
• Bowman Gillfillan Africa Group
• Investec
• Slo-Jo innovation Hub
• Fairvest Property Holdings
• Sage
• Lazarus Group
• Tashas

Ageing & Disease Prevention

The Science Behind a Better Life – Can 60 be the new 40?
Diving into human biology, this talk identifies the root cause of ageing and related diseases.
In essence, the talk will provide information and the motivation to implement subtle changes that will ultimately promote increased strength, fitness, mental acuity, memory, concentration, heath, youthfulness, vitality and freedom from age-related illnesses.
Stress Resilience 
Stress – taking back control
What we know:
For over 70 years, medical research has continuously shown strong associations between chronic stress and health compromise. Chronic stress has also been linked to accelerated ageing, cognitive decline, emotional instability and a wide variety of pain conditions.
The fundamental question:
With a deeper understanding of the biological effects of stress and the ability to consciously control and mediate many of these responses, stress can be successfully harnessed and used to increase clarity and, in turn, improve productivity and performance.
Practical application:
The talk provides practical advice that can be incorporated easily into one’s daily life (including small changes to diet, exercise, environment and response to stress stimuli) that can transform a potentially toxic state into one that confers incredible benefit.
A strategic model for personal development 
This evidence-based talk has broad appeal in that it identifies lifestyle choices as key drivers in personal and professional success. The seminar explores nutritional practices, activity habits and certain environmental factors that promote cognitive, physical and emotional potential.
The challenges we face in the modern era
This seminar is an absolute ‘must’ for the health and performance conscious.
Tailored Seminars
Seminars and lectures can be tailored to groups and companies, based on special interests and needs.

Richard Sutton – Wellness Health Speaker

On behalf of the Exco and Members of WPO Johannesburg I would like to thank you most sincerely for giving us your time yesterday morning and sharing your wealth of knowledge and advice. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk and the “take-home” was invaluable. We always ask our members to rate our events (out of 10) and for your information the rating was as follows:

Content Interest: 9.9

Perspective on the subject: 9.9
Take Home: 10
Resource: 9.9
Some of the comments were:
Very insightful – complex subject – well delivered
Great venue & speaker
Outstanding event.
Ground-breaking learning & revelations – many thanks to Marc Lubner for promoting this
Richard certainly knows about his subject – found him motivating
Really great content.
Excellent resource, inspirational
Would have loved longer Q & A
He is brilliant
Just up my alley – I so love this topic as I am passionate about what we eat
So interesting and informative – and now we are supposed to have a fun holiday!!”
WPO, Johannesburg Chapter
HI Richard
Many thanks; the members really enjoyed your talk and having you around for more casual conversations.  You scored a fabulous 9.9 (out of 10) on your evaluation and here are the comments:
Highly recommend has too much deep info – Owais Pardesi
Take home value – Dionne Hirschowitz
He is the leader and expert in his field.  He distills complicated and relevant info to an audience so they understand – Marc Hirschowitz
Superbly knowledgeable and helpful – Adam Craker
Great content and presenter – Ben Mbanga
I would recommend because Richard has a wealth of knowledge and patience – Cathy Mbanga
We need more of his advice on health – YPO / Gold official Health Advisor – Christopher Whitfield
Whip smart and intuitive.  More please! – Tracy Whitfield
Amazing!! Excellent speaker.  Very knowledgable – Vanessa Torgeman
Insightful into a huge aspect of life and was easy to relate to – Charne Crundall
High praise indeed from a very discerning audience.
YPO – Pan Africa Group