Rob Jeffrey – Green Economy Speaker

Rob Jeffrey - Green Economy Speaker
Rob Jeffrey - Green Economy Speaker

Rob Jeffrey – Green Economy Speaker

Rob Jeffrey – Green Economy Speaker matriculated at St John’s College, Johannesburg and graduated with a B.Sc. in Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand. Rob is now available through Speakers Inc.

He was on the Students Representative Council, represented Wits at athletics, rugby and rowing and played rugby for Transvaal U20, combined Northern Universities and rowed for South African Universities.  He won a scholarship to Cambridge University and obtained an MA degree in economics.

He joined the Nedcor Group in 1969 as an investment analyst and was appointed Investment Manager of the merchant bank after gaining experience in London.  During this time, he completed his MBL, Cum Laude, at the University of South Africa.  In 1975, he moved into the construction industry as a Financial Director and became Managing Director of Dorbyl Structural Engineering and a member of the Group Executive Committee.

He later joined Murray and Roberts with responsibility for a number of diverse industrial, electronic and engineering companies.  Rob has wide skills and experience ranging from negotiations with domestic and international companies and public authorities to direct line responsibility for investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions, capital projects in a range of industries, company rationalisation and restructuring, and the development and profitable growth of private and listed companies.

Rob Jeffrey – Green Economy Speaker

Rob was Chairman of the Constructional Engineers Association (CEA), the CEA representative on SEIFSA, an executive member of the Association of Steel Merchant Stockholders, as well as being active on a number of other Councils and committees.  For more than twenty years, he has been involved in consulting to a range of government, corporate and private clients in investment, business and economic analysis, strategic planning, organisation structuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Rob worked closely with Econometrix for many years, both as client and in a consulting capacity, and joined the team to head up a business unit in 2004. He was appointed Managing Director in 2009.

Examples of specialized studies in the private sector include important, high profile studies involving the strategic analysis and impact of the pricing of international commodities in the domestic market, the requirements governing fair competition for listed companies and the economic impact of electronic payments for an international company.

He has advised on the economic impact of major industrial projects for multinational companies and is involved in the study of the energy requirements of the SA economy and the economic impact of alternative electricity generating sources.

Rob Jeffrey – Green Economy Speaker

One of Rob’s areas of specialization is the South African electricity predicament in the context of global trends and the energy crisis.  He consults, gives presentations and lectures on current international and domestic economic developments and growth strategies including advising on investment and development strategies for multinational corporations and banking institutions.


  • The South African electricity predicament in the context of global trends and the energy crisis.
  • The true cost of electricity options and choices for South Africa.
  • Electricity and employment. The key to South Africa’s economic, social and political prosperity.
  • The role of alternative forms of energy in Southern African power generation.
  • Possible economic benefits of the potential shale gas resources in the southern Karoo.
  • The economic impact of an advertising ban alcoholic beverages.
  • The economic impact of introducing a Carbon Tax.
  • Unsecured lending and its impact on the South African economy.
  • The economic impact and implications of abolishing the use of garnishee orders as a form of legal collection by credit providers in South Africa.




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