Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC

Rolene Strauss - Celebrity MC Speaker
Rolene Strauss - Celebrity MC Speaker

Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC is the former Miss South Africa 2014 and Miss World 2014. A businesswoman, inspirational speaker and Master of Ceremonies, Rolene is a medical doctor. Rolene is now available through Speakers Inc.

Raised in a small town called Volksrust in South Africa, Rolene stays true to her roots. She thanks her family for playing an enormous role in who she is today. Her passion for health, education and women are at the core of her being and motivates her to live a purpose driven life.

Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC knew that for her to obtain the ability to reach her goals and become a role model, she had to lead a balanced life.

She has had an interest in academics, sport and leadership since a young age and was determined to do her best in everything she put her mind to.

Rolene was chosen as head girl of Volksrust High School, she was also part of the South African Bokkie netball team who traveled to New Zealand in her final year of high school and she still loves playing golf with her loved ones.

She had the opportunity to embark on a modelling career at the age of 14 when she won Elite Model Look South Africa and thereafter travelled to Prague, Paris, Hamburg and Mauritius for modelling when she was 16 years old.

Through this experience Rolene came to the realisation that she would rather pursue the journey of becoming a role model instead of the definition of a model in the fashion industry.

Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC Speaker decided to commence her medical studies and enter Miss South Africa when the time ought to be right.

Medicine has always been her choice of career and her final high school result average of 92% enabled her to study medicine at the University of the Free State.

During Rolene’s medical studies, she had the opportunity to partake in the Miss South Africa competition, this was the perfect opportunity to become a role model and give back on a much greater scale.

Rolene achieved her goal and became Miss South Africa in 2014, she also went on to represent her beautiful country internationally and achieved another goal of hers when she was crowned Miss World 2014.

Some of the charitable causes she was involved in during her reign as Miss South Africa and Miss World include the following:

Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC raised funds and educated young girls with the “Always Keeping Girls in School” project focusing on education regarding girls’ menstrual cycles as well as distribution of sanitary towels to 300 000 girls in 56 schools across all 9 provinces of South Africa.

Under the flag of Miss World’s Beauty with a Purpose ethos, Rolene had a wonderful platform to give back through raising $ 3 805 100 with Variety The Children’s Charity Telethon in Des Moines USA, BWAP contributed towards the building of the first classroom for children with Autism in Kingston, Jamaica, as well as the building of toilets at the homes of children with Autism in Mexico City Mexico.

Rolene was involved with the One Million Tree Project as well as the handing out of 100 hearing devises for children with hearing disabilities with The Rotary Club in Sri Lanka.

Rolene’s passion for health and charity was further fired on when she had the opportunity to join forces with Miss World 2013 to launch the opening of a Paediatric Oncology ward at the Philippines General Hospital in Manila and contribute toward a water conservation project in a small town called Shirpur near Mumbai in India.

Apart from traveling to more than 20 different countries as Miss World in 2015, Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC was also nominated as one of the ‘South African of the Year’ nominees as well as one of Glamour’s most Glamorous women in South Africa in 2015.

Rolene appeared on various television and radio shows including South African shows; Top Billing, Morning Live, Expresso Show, Afternoon Express, Ontbytsake, Republiek van Zoid Afrika, Koekedoor and Pasella.

Rolene is active on social media and regard her more than 250 000 Facebook followers, more than 250 000 Instagram followers, more than 95 000 Twitter followers and website, as a great platform where she shares her thoughts, experiences and learnings on. Follow Rolene on Twitter.

Rolene Strauss – Celebrity MC married D’Niel Strauss in February 2016 and together with their families the Strauss couple launched The Strauss Foundation of which Rolene is the Chairperson.

The Strauss Foundation is a Non-Profit Entity with the aim to be a positive contributor in society through the promotion of Health, Education and Charity. It aims to unlock inherent abilities of as many individuals as possible.

Rolene’s passion would always be health and thus the determination to complete her medical studies after two years of traveling as Miss South Africa and Miss World. Dr Rolene Strauss graduated in December 2017 and now has a medical (MBChB) degree which brings her closer to her life long dream of having a positive influence on women’s health in South Africa.

Rolene is grateful to be part of a new venture called RevitaHealth with her sister in law, Dr Ledivia Strauss on Val de Vie in the Paarl. RevitaHealth, based in the rejuvenating Cape Winelands, is a health orientated organisation providing aesthetic, integrative, anti-ageing and regenerative medicinal services through Dr Ledivia Strauss.

Rolene’s main focus in Revitahealth will be to act in a non-clinical capacity as ambassador for holistic and preventative women’s health through public advocacy and the Revitahealth Women Summits.

Rolene believes in a balanced lifestyle and appreciates all the types of blessings life has to offer. One of those being family; Rolene and her husband had a miracle addition to their family in January 2017 and couldn’t be happier. Being a mother, wife, medical doctor and women’s health advocate ensures that Rolene will be well on her way to reaching her goals, making a difference and living a purpose driven life.

If Rolene lives the message of a balanced lifestyle, the importance of holistic health and prevention rather than cure, she considers herself as someone who is living her purpose and someone who’s legacy has the ability to be timeless.



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