Saffron Baggallay | Human behaviour expert Speaker

Saffron Baggallay

Saffron Baggallay has an Honours degree in Sociology from Trinity College, Dublin (1998), and a MADA from WITS, in South Africa (2006). As well as being a human behaviour expert, Saffron is a veteran keynote speaker, facilitator & coach and has assisted thousands of corporate & coaching clients grow leadership communities inside their organisations by developing themselves through personal mastery. Her focus is on teaching people how to build self-trust and self- respect, – fundamental skills in modern business. Associates at all levels (including executive) must now manage personal overwhelm, engage collaboratively & remain creative. These business needs led Saffron to develop her unique personal mastery-based approach to all her online & offline offerings.

Saffron is often asked to work with individuals and teams aspiring to full employee engagement, inclusion, compassion, transparency and trust-based effective communication in a hybrid workplace. Over a decade of listening to people’s intimate stories has taught Saffron that most people spend too much energy at work on politics, gossip, backstabbing and blame, instead of spending their energy on what is really important for the business, the world; and for people’s mental wellbeing. A lot of the ‘office politics’ is to do with our unconscious bias; and emotional hooks we have because of our identity. In an uncertain world where ‘soft skills’ are no longer soft or optional, Saffron’ s online Personal Mastery Lab hosts a range of products to help you & your teams learn HOW to put your energy to better use.

Saffron’s unique blend of accelerated learning techniques, neuro-programming, learning models and coaching techniques, all carefully chosen to compliment the content, makes for a leader and team experience like no other. Delegates often describe Saffron’s work as life- changing for up to years afterwards. By incorporating the Enneagram into most of her offerings, Saffron adds the dimension of “personality types” to her personal mastery approach. A genuine sense of community is established by building quality relationships, through experiencing authentic truth and fearless vulnerability to increase connection and productivity, especially in a hybrid workplace.

Saffron’s expertise lies in teaching on inclusion & diversity, self & team transformation, personal growth for leadership, self-esteem, compassionate leadership, high performance teams & more.

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