Saray Khumalo

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure

Saray is an award-winning mountaineer, a Mandela libraries ambassador, a social entrepreneur, mother of two boys and also an executive in one of the distinguished financial institutions in South Africa. Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure has over time demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in her environment through mountaineering.

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Through her climbing with a purpose initiative, Saray has organised and been part of the following initiatives:

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro with a purpose (Self- funded climb)

o    Built an outdoor gym for Kids Haven worth R200,000 and converted a room into a library for the children.

Ubuntu Everest 2014 (Partially funded by Discovery Holdings)

o  Raised funds for The Lunch Box Fund to feed over 60,000;

  • Ubuntu Everest 2015 (Self-funded climb)
    • Raised funds for The Mandela Library Projects and built a library for Isiziba Primary School in Thembisa, Johannesburg;
  • Ubuntu Everest 2017 (Self-funded climb)
    • Raised funds over R800,000 for The Mandela Library Projects and built four libraries around South Africa. She continues to campaign for more libraries as she takes steps towards the 7 highest peaks on the 7 continents around the world.

One of her goals with Climbing for a purpose is to be an example to the next generation of leaders; to inspire them to pursue their dreams and summit their everyday peaks in education and other spheres of life, knowing that nothing is impossible if we dare to dream!

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure has been awarded the following accolades:

  • Winner of the Klipdrift Golden Endurance Award 2014
    • Record holder for the highest altitude climber for a black African female 2017 and 2018
    • MMI Lesedi awards 2017
    • Ministerial Recognition of Excellence Award 2018
Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure has been mountaineering for only 7 years and in that time has summitted the following peaks:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro (5896) – summit 2012;
  • Mera Peak (6476) – summit 2014;
  • Lobuche East (6119) – summit 2014;
  • Elbrus traverse (5642) – summit 2014;
  • Aconcagua traverse (6980) – summit 2015;
  • Everest expedition attempts:
    • 2014 Reached Everest Base Camp – Mountain closed after an avalanche that claimed 16 Sherpa lives
    • 2015 Reached Everest Camp 2 – Expedition abandoned after an earthquake in Nepal
    • 2017 Reached the South Summit (8749) – This is 99 meters from the Everest Summit making her the record holder of the black African women for 2017 and 2018.
    • 2019 Reached the Summit on May 16th, becoming the first black African woman in history to do so.

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