Sean Brokensha – Music Speaker

Sean Brokensha - Music Motivational Speaker
Sean Brokensha - Music Motivational Speaker

Sean Brokensha – Music Speaker has worked in radio, television and live entertainment since the mid 80’s, primarily as a television writer, producer and director, for amongst others the BBC, CBS and all the main local broadcasters.

Sean is a Professional and Motivational speaker through Speakers Inc

For the past two decades I have presented radio and TV shows specifically about music, on a variety of stations, including SAFM, Cape Talk, Mnet Mzani and ETV.

However, I’m best known for the regular `Musicguru’ feature, which I have presented on Talk Radio 702 since 1999.

I’ve always tried to draw together music, history, media, popular culture, and my own experiences in pre- and post- 1994 South Africa, to weave a story that has meaning, entertains and reminds in an intensely personal way.

These schools have included St. Stithians, St. Johns, Hilton, Kingsmead, Rhodean, King David, and Saheti, as well as developmental organisations such as CIDA University.

Topics I have covered:

The role of music in the Struggle against Apartheid
Protest music of the 60’s
The importance of Woodstock
Music as History
Understanding the modern genres of music
Hip Hop culture and music

Sean Brokensha – Music Speaker

As a public Motivational speaker and entertainer Sean has, over the past decade put together over 20 full length shows, for a diversity of groups.

These have ranged across a wide diversity of audiences from teenagers to octogenarians. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter



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