Shelley Walters – Sales Speaker

Shelley Walters - Sales Speaker Persuasion
Shelley Walters - Sales Speaker Persuasion

International corporate speaker and trainer Shelley Walters – Sales Speaker who specialises in sales, persuasion and presentation skills, providing individuals, groups and audiences with relevant, up to date with information to boost their performances in both sales and presentation skills.

With over 15 years sales and presentation experience in both business-to-business and business-to-customer environments

Shelley brings unique insight and experience to her clients; helping them to navigate the increasingly challenging areas of sales, persuasion and presentation skills.

Her career began in a cut-throat office automation industry, working her way up from direct sales to negotiating at a boardroom level in just 3 months.

Later, Shelley served as the first Business Development Officer for South Africa’s first black-owned finance house, Sadiba Asset Lease, until she joined the team at Kingfisher FM in 2007.

For four and a half years, Shelley served as the Breakfast Show co-presenter on Port Elizabeth’s popular radio station.

Addressing 144 000 people every morning, she quickly learnt how to think on her feet and how to entertain an audience whilst consistently providing information that was both relevant and informative.

She regularly recorded voice-overs for adverts, productions and documentaries. This she did, whilst also serving as the station’s Sales & Marketing Manager, turning the station around from 100% donor-funded to 100% advertiser-funded in 18 months.

When not speaking, she coaches clients around the world, having worked with 50 companies within South Africa and abroad.

Shelley asks: “What if every time you delivered a speech, you were powerfully persuasive and a rousing success?”

What would it mean to you if you knew how to have resounding success with every speech and presentation that you gave? Impossible, you say? That depends on the speech coach that you engage to help you …

As an Executive Speech Coach, Shelley Walters – Sales Speaker Persuasion knows how to simplify and demystify the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in the public space.

Executives, sales teams and even high-fee professional speakers undergo nothing less than a transformation in their presentations from both a content and delivery standpoint.

“Working with Shelley has been both a pleasure and a privilege, I look forward to our sessions and I always leave there knowing exactly what I need to do next”
Siyabulela Xuza, Harvard Graduate & Rocket Scientist / Energy Entrepreneur

The ability to present powerfully is a three-step learning process:

Step One:

Understand the psychology of an effective presentation.

Step Two:

Develop the ability to deliver every presentation in a polished and professional manner.

Step Three:

Work on crafting and delivering your own presentation with a dedicated coach.

For those who have never undergone any type of formal training, it is highly recommended that they begin with the two day course which includes practical exercises.

This will give every delegate, both the theory and the practice to understand the principles behind powerful, persuasive presentations, coupled with the opportunity to cement and deliver their new skills.

Individual coaching is designed for those who are already presenting and would like individual coaching to assist with crafting and honing their specific presentations.

Presentations Skills Workshop:

The Psychology of Powerful Presentations

Shelley Walters – Sales Speaker

“The outcome of the training you’ve provided me has been phenomenal to say the least. The common question after each presentation is: “Who has trained you?”’

Siyabulela Xuza, Harvard Graduate & Rocket Scientist / Energy Entrepreneur

“Shelley’s training was high quality and offered a lot more than I expected! This is crucial information for any company who regularly presents new ideas and concepts, whether internally or externally”

Phillipa Wild, Head of Technical Marketing, Discovery Head Office

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