Southgate Band – Conference Band

Southgate Band - Conference Band
Southgate Band

Southgate Band – Conference Band are vibrant, energetic with a great passion for music is what this group is all about. Their zest and feel for life is practically driven by what has brought them together, and that is music, music with background, meaning, soul and substance.

As a cover live performing group, they have taken hits that have topped the charts since the early 1970’s until present time and have worked them to perfection, adding a modern spice and feel.

The finished product is a powerful performance that will make you sing along, dance non stop, and also take you back to your most intimate, passionate and even sad moment of your life. Book through Speakers Inc

It is a sure fact that South Gate will either perform the song you know and love, or the hit you knew and loved, as good as the original, or better.

High powered energy is all this group knows, and that’s what keeps their audience wanting more. The fact that they perform chart topping hits, that people know and understand increases the level of interaction with their audience.

This has a tendency to satisfy clients in all ways. Just like their songs, each member of the group was hand picked; resulting in only the best of the best selected.

Southgate Band – Conference Band prides itself in the fact that the members not only have talent, good attitude and a good spirit but proper business etiquette, underlined by simple values of “Respect, Professionalism and Relevance”.

This means that being the best in what ever aspect of punctuality, professional etiquette and behaviour comes instinctively and effortlessly. South Gate has all of its client’s interests – a perfect event, at heart.

Their unity disregarding their diverse backgrounds is proof enough that they are able to master any style, and still deliver it in perfection.

Their versatility caters for anyone and everyone, and this is just another factor that makes South Gate one of a kind.

They are able to perform for any type of audience; because they know which music is relevant for which audience – by age, race and social background.

What keeps this group on a high role is really that their concerts are so lively, without repeated songs, as their repertoire is quite wide. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

They do however accommodate and encourage requests, even of already performed songs, as they are also able to go on for hours without burning out.