Stef du Plessis – Business

Stef du Plessis - Business
Stef du Plessis - Motivational, Business Speaker

Stef du Plessis – Business  is a speaker who has been AROUND THE BLOCK. What you read here is what you get, guaranteed. Your assurance is his track record spanning two decades, two-dozen countries and over 3,500 successful assignments now with Speakers Inc.

Which is why he has become a trusted resource to CEOs and event planners as a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, strategic facilitator and intervention leader on People, Culture and Strategy.

Stef du Plessis – Business

FULL HOUSE OFFERING. It’s not by chance that Stef is consistently rated as one of the top motivational and business speakers, conference after conference. Nor is it a coincidence that his corporate clients swear by his in-house programmes to help them to improve their performance, year in and year out. Rather, it is because Stef is the whole package: content that is relevant, practical and proven, brought to you by a world-class presenter.

SOLID CONTENT. With a Masters degree in leadership, Stef is academically well grounded. Many of his programmes were developed under the auspices of the University of Johannesburg, and given his considerable experience as an executive-level leader and entrepreneur over many years, he balances this with a hands-on approach and follow him on Twitter.

When it comes to his work in the field of culture, it is his partnership with Australian-based Steve Simpson, creator of the acclaimed Unwritten Ground Rules, or UGRs® process, that provides the tools and systems necessary to facilitate workplace transformation. Plus, having implemented a large number of programmes across a very broad spectrum of organisations over many years, his stuff is real-world-tried-and-tested, so you don’t need to experiment.

PEOPLE MOBILISER. Participant feedback is unanimous: he radiates authenticity. This connects him with people at all levels, across all divides. Now add that he is also a gifted communicator.
Result: Stef du Plessis – Motivational Business is able to motivate and inspire people to the point where they want to do more, and be more. Then he shows them how. Finally, he provides the tools, resources and assessments with which to make lasting change. Bottom line: his clients insist that he delivers solid content, presented with award winning style.

SHOW STOPPER. Stef is consistently rated as one of the standout speakers at premier conferences. So much so that he has been invited to speak on a number of the world’s most prestigious stages, to audiences of up to 10,000 people, translated simultaneously into as many as 18 languages… including the Million Dollar Round Table. This is perhaps the most envied speaker-platform in the world. Now consider the fact that Stef has spoken there twice.

CULTURE ARCHITECT. His corporate clients – including many of the most recognised brands in business today – bring him back to do more work with their people, year after year. Sometimes for a decade or longer. He has conducted literally hundreds of workshops for employees at all levels, and he has frequently lead company-wide organisational change and transformation interventions. In addition to facilitating strategic work sessions for executive teams, Stef du Plessis – Business is one of the very few practitioners anywhere in the world who is able to facilitate groups of almost any size, to ensure large-scale employee engagement, buy-in and implementation.

Stef du Plessis – Business

INDUSTRY ICON. It comes as no surprise then that Stef has received every available accreditation and award on offer to a South African based speaker, bar one: namely the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s highest and most coveted award. He has earned a far greater honour though, in that it has been named ‘The Stef du Plessis Award’. This undeniably demonstrates that his industry peers consider him to be the ultimate role model and that his career is a benchmark case study.

FOOL PROOF. Stef does not take on assignments that are beyond the scope of his expertise, and he only accepts invitations to work with a group or speak at an event after making sure that his content and style is a good fit. Which is why he is able to offer a bulletproof guarantee: he will meet your expectations, or the fee is on him. Period.