Sylvia Walker – Personal Finance

Sylvia Walker - Personal Finance Speaker
Sylvia Walker - Personal Finance Speaker

Sylvia Walker – Personal Finance is an author and marketing strategist with extensive experience in the financial services industry. Sylvia is now available through Speakers Inc.

Her primary focus has been on women, but she has addressed many other audiences as well, ranging from medical students, to young engineers, to retirees. She is passionate about financial freedom and believes it is every person’s right.

Sylvia cuts through the jargon.  She speaks and writes in plain and simple language and connects with her audience in her trademark down to earth, humorous, yet highly educational way.

Speaking from the heart, she shares many of her own life experiences, and entertains, motivates and inspires, leaving her audience empowered to tackle their financial issues. Follow Sylvia on Twitter.

Sylvia’s keynotes include:

Smart women finish rich

Get smart. Get money wise. Aimed at women, but can easily be tailored to suit any audience. Smart choices lead to great outcomes. Some decisions make us poorer. Shift your thinking to gain financial freedom and grow your wealth.

Make Money Matter

Full day financial wellness workshop. To take control of our financial futures, we need to understand money, debt, retirement, insurance and investments. Practical worksheets and exercises included.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

A millionaire mindset and the right investment decisions lead to wealth. Get your first million and then ramp up the pace from there.

Your Designer Life

Sylvia Walker – Personal Finance will share her personal experiences and learnings on how to create a life that is financially sustainable, emotionally satisfying and has a sense of purpose amidst all the pressures of society.



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