Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Kim van Kets

Kim van Kets

Kim van Kets grew up in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape, studied law at Stellenbosch University, was admitted as an...

Kirsten Landman

South Africans’ Kirsten Landman is not your average sportswoman.The 28-year-old South African competes in the male dominated sport...
Marlette de Jager

Marlette de Jager

Marlette De Jager says don’t let life, work and fears limit your potential – instead, get out there and make your goals...
Robby Kojetin

Robby Kojetin – Inspirational Adventure

Robby Kojetin - Inspirational Adventure life was turned upside down after a crippling climbing accident severely broke both of his ankles.

Dan Skinstad – Adventurer Speaker

Dan Skinstad - Adventurer Speaker is known as gregarious and warm by nature. He took to adventure exploration in an attempt to...