Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Marlette de Jager

Marlette de Jager

Marlette De Jager says don’t let life, work and fears limit your potential – instead, get out there and make your goals...
Lizette Volkwyn

Lizette Volkwyn – Inspirational

Lizette Volkwyn is the coach who will sign you up..flip your day, drag you up , kick your butt and most of...
Leigh Joy - Self Care

Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell

Leigh Joy is an Inspirational speaker that helps individuals and organisations turn uncertainty into certainty, self-sabotage into self-care and adversity into triumph.

Saray Khumalo – Inspirational Adventure

Saray is an award-winning mountaineer, a Mandela libraries ambassador, a social entrepreneur, mother of two boys and also an executive in one...

Mbali Nwoko – Motivational Speaker

Mbali Nwoko – Motivational Speaker is an award-winning commercial farmer, entrepreneur, speaker and columnist. She is the CEO of Green Terrace which...
Desiree-Anne Martin

Desiree-Anne Martin

Desiree-Anne Martin believes in the inherent ability for anyone to change. Her mantra is that there is hope, always and she is...