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Ron Garan

Having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic...
Zanele Njapha

Zanele Njapha

As a Global Speaker, Zanele Njapha has captivated global audiences with her sensational keynotes and thought-provoking unlearning facilitations. She...

Leaving a Legacy

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a person while they still live.” Albert Schweitzer

Let’s Pull Together

‘Let’s Pull Together’: Effective Teamwork and the Hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa In 2010,...
Eddie Botes – Corporate Culture

Eddie Botes – Corporate Culture

Eddie Botes is an international speaker and facilitator dedicated to helping Leaders create a focused, adaptive organizational culture. For the last two...

Weza Matomane

Weza Matomane uses over a decade of experiences he gained working in diverse teams from a plethora of industries to present inspiring...

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