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Dr Steve Harris

Dr Steve Harris

Motivational Speaker Dr Steve Harris translates a powerful combination of real-world experience, business success and academic insight into a language we can...

Albert Gumbo – Soft Skills

There is no better choice than an independent key note speaker like Albert Gumbo. Senior management are constantly looking to motivate...
Eddie Botes

Eddie Botes – Corporate Culture

Eddie Botes is an international speaker and facilitator dedicated to helping Leaders create a focused, adaptive organizational culture. For the last two...

Richard Wright

Meet Richard Wright, an inspirational force to be reckoned with. Coupled with his vast experience as a top salesperson and National Training...
Mathew Makoni

Mathew Makoni

Mathew Makoni is a vibrant, experienced and eloquent keynote speaker who has over 10 years’ experience in leading high-performing and impactful teams...

Redi Tlhabi – Motivational

Redi Tlhabi - Motivational has spoken and moderated at numerous national and International events for clients such as Discovery, Uber, Investec and...

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