Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Dr Michael Mol – Wellness

Dr Michael Mol - Wellness didn’t go for career counseling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor, An executive TV producer...

James-Brent Styan

In 2015, James-Brent Styan wrote the very first book on Eskom's collapse, an in-depth expose called Blackout - The Eskom Crisis. James-Brent...
Claire Janisch - Biomimicry Innovation Sustainability

Claire Janisch – Biomimicry Innovation

Claire Janisch - Biomimicry Innovation is an inspiring speaker who is passionate about exploring the genius of nature and how it inspires...
Robby Kojetin

Robby Kojetin – Inspirational Adventure

Robby Kojetin - Inspirational Adventure life was turned upside down after a crippling climbing accident severely broke both of his ankles.
Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane – Leadership Motivational

Billy Selekane - Leadership Motvational is the highest designated speaker in Africa, as well as the first South African speaker to speak at...
Colin J Browne

Colin J Browne

Colin J Browne heads up Happy Sandpit, a South African organisational culture consultancy which helps organisations of all sizes to increase employee engagement,...