Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger – Business Strategy

Douglas Kruger - Business Strategy is a Professional speaker and business author is changing mindsets, creating experts and building brands, one organisation...

Richard Mulvey – Service Sales Trainer

Born in London in 1951 Richard Mulvey - Service Sales Trainer education included a traditional English boarding school followed by 3 Years in hotel...

Alex Harris – Adventurer Speaker

Alex Harris - Adventurer Speaker is a renowned South African Mountaineer and extreme athlete and he has successfully led a team expedition to achieve...
Femi Adebanji

Femi Adebanji – Service Delivery

Femi Adebanji - Service Delivery is a sought-after international customer service speaker and organisational excellence speaker with Speakers Inc for over 5 years(Leadership,...

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