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Dr Steve Harris

Dr Steve Harris

Motivational Speaker Dr Steve Harris translates a powerful combination of real-world experience, business success and academic insight into a language we can...

Ollie Phillips

England Sevens Captain and renowned rugby speaker Ollie Phillips is the most successful Sevens Captain in recent British history, with a career covering more than a...

Mark Schulman – International Motivational

Mark Schulman - International Motivational Packed with energy and charisma Mark Schulman - International Motivational presents highly-educational and business-valued programs with transformative takeaways - all disguised...
Buhle Dlamini - International Business Strategy

Buhle Dlamini – Business Strategy

Buhle Dlamini - Business Strategy is the President and founder of MindGro Consulting based in Nova Scotia, Canada.  
Dr Henning Gericke

Dr Henning Gericke – Motivation

Dr Henning Gericke - Motivation helped lead the Springbok Rugby team to victory in 2007. Through his expertise, he offers team building...

Stef du Plessis – Business

Stef du Plessis - Business  is a speaker who has been AROUND THE BLOCK. What you read here is what you get, guaranteed. Your...

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