Monday, December 16, 2019
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Shelley Walters – Meet the Speaker

Shelley Walters is an international corporate speaker and trainer who specialises in sales, persuasion and presentation. She provides individuals, groups and audiences with relevant, up to date information to boost their performances in both sales and presentation skills.

Vanessa Haywood-Sandes – Conference MC

Vanessa Haywood-Sandes - Conference MC has been an entertainer from an early age, appearing in her first theatre production at the age of 4. The...
Annette Jahnel - Inspirational Speaker,

Annette Jahnel – Inspirational Speaker

Annette Jahnel - Inspirational Speaker has been variously described as a ‘Swiss army knife of creativity’, an ‘energy trigger’ and ‘a spark of life’. She...
Ina Paarman - Business Speaker

Ina Paarman – Business Speaker

Ina Paarman - Business Speaker is a qualified Home economist, left her position as Senior Lecturer at the Cape Technicon to start...