Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert

Tim Knight - Communication Speaker Expert
Tim Knight - Communication Speaker Expert

Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert

Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert is One of North America’s most distinguished journalists and consultants

Tim Knight has trained thousands of people in hundreds of communications workshops in a dozen countries.

Now, having spent over 40 years abroad, Tim has returned home and he wants to share his knowledge and experience with his fellow South Africans. Book through Speakers Inc

Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert

He specialises in training broadcast journalists but he also coaches people who need to write, prepare dynamic presentations and or be interviewed by the media.

Tim is available as a powerful speaker for conventions, conferences, seminars and communication workshops.

He started his career as a reporter for the Mercury in Durban and he then moved onto the Rand Daily Mail and Sunday Express in Johannesburg.

In 1960, she was the only white reporter to sneak through police barriers and to cover the funeral of the 69 children, women and men massacred by the police at Sharpeville.

Tim’s anti-apartheid stories eventually made it necessary for him to cross the border and to move up north.

He worked as a reporter in Zimbabwe and then as a reporter/anchor for Zambia TV. He spent the following three years covering two Congo wars as Foreign Correspondent for the United Press International.

In 1964, he left Africa to spend ten years working as a reporter / documentary producer/anchor in New York.

In North America, Tim worked with ABC News, NBC News and PBS News. He then crossed another border, and for further ten years, he was in charge of training all of the TV journalists at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

During his North American years, Tim won:

–    Broadcasting’s highest honour, the US National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences EMMY Award for “Outstanding Program Achievement”.
–    The US Society of Professional Journalists DEADLINE Award for “Excellence in Televising News”.
–    Canada’s Innoversity Creative Summit ANGEL Award for “An Outstanding Role in Making the Media More Accessible to People of Colour, Aboriginals and Persons with Disabilities”.

Before South Africa’s 1994 election, Tim led secret training workshops in Toronto for South African journalists hand-picked to reform the SABC news.

Their job, once they returned home, was to change the corporation from a neo-fascist state broadcaster to a democratic public broadcaster. Follow SI on Twitter

Over the years (after the election), Tim had the unique privilege of leading training workshops for both the SABC News and it’s private rival, eTV News.

Among the hundreds of eminent South African journalists that he has worked with are Joe Thloloe (Press Ombudsman, Executive Director Press Council of South Africa), Max du Preez (interviewer SABC), Debora Patta (Executive Producer of eTV’s 3rd Degree), Jimi Matthews (Head SABC TV news), Amina Frense (Managing Editor SABC TV News & Current Affairs), San Reddy (Anchor eTV news), Charles Leonard (News Editor Mail & Guardian), Nyana Molete (Head SABC News & Current Affairs), Sylvia Vollenhoven (Head, SABC Genre Factual, Editor – The Journalist).

In 2008, Tim executive-produced, co-wrote, directed and narrated the 3 hour wildlife series, ‘Inside Noah’s Ark’, which was shot in the Pilanesburg National Park and the Tshwalu Kalahari Reserve. It was aired in 2008 / 2009 by the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, PBS and 14 international broadcasters.

For two years, he also wrote the weekly media column, ‘Watching the Watchdog’ for the Huffington Post.

Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert has written three books on communications, including ‘Storytelling and the Anima Factor’ which is now in its second edition.

Tim Knight – Communication Speaker Expert

As a professional speaker, Tim has offered his thoughts on subjects such as:

–    How the magic of storytelling is by far the most effective and efficient way of passing on information, from one person to another, in journalism, politics, business and other professions.
–    How to make powerful, passionate, persuasive speeches that will grab the audience which will be remembered for a long time after your events.
–    Why human need, greed and ignorance have turned our wildlife reserves into giant ranches, huge zoos.
–    How Sharpeville slaughtered protestors, liberated people and saved a nation – and why we are forgetting its message.
–    As journalism goes, so goes democracy – which should scare the hell out of all of us.

Now, after more than 40 years away, Tim has relocated back to South Africa (Cape Town).

“Tim helped us understand, respect and embrace our enormous responsibility. He also helped us see that — like our leaders — we were required to be nothing else but servants of the people. More than once, journalists wept at the end of training sessions.”
Sylvia Vollenhoven
Former Executive Producer, SABC TV News
Managing Director, VIA – Vision in Africa

“Tim’s famous book on television journalism, ‘Storytelling and the Anima Factor’ continues to be an important foundation for us. This country will benefit immeasurably from his expertise if we have him living permanently here”
Joe Thloloe
Press Ombudsman
Executive Director, Press Council of South Africa
Order of Ikhamanga (Silver)

“I have had the honour of being Tim’s professional colleague and partner in Journalism training courses. He is a first class journalist, a great writer and a gifted trainer”
Bob Culbert
Former Executive Director
Network News & Current Affairs
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Former Vice President – Documentaries – CTV