Tucan Tucan – Conference Entertainers

Tucan Tucan - Conference Entertainers
Tucan Tucan - Conference Entertainers

Tucan Tucan – Conference Entertainers

Tucan Tucan – Conference Entertainers resulted from the desire of a group of musicians from different cultures and nationalities such as South Africa, Argentina and Mozambique, to unite and fuse different styles of music.

Through its music, TUCAN TUCAN overcomes boundaries, breaks down barriers, brings people together and embraces diverse cultures. Book through Speakers Inc

TUCAN TUCAN uncovers and explores music in all its aspects: A wealth of ideas, rhythms, sound, instruments and songs.

Tucan Tucan – Conference Entertainers

More vibrant than ever, TUCAN TUCAN strives to entertain audiences from all walks by bringing rhythms and melodies that are appealing to a wide audience and yet incorporating a taste of something new that will open a magical door to new musical experiences.

The show is an enchanting journey that captures the audience with soulful sounds to energetic up-tempo compositions, colourful exotic dancing and band-audience interaction.

The band’s musical style has been described as a kaleidoscope – where and whenever you listen to this music, it’s colourful variety fascinates and captures the listener.

Latino rhythms like salsa, samba and bossa nova, and African elements such as those utilised in Kwasa Kwasa, Marrabenta and Ju Ju are used in the compositions. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

With these elements, a unique sound is created, which appeals to both local and international audiences. With lyrics in Spanish, Portuguese, English and African languages (including Sesotho, Xhosa, Zulu, Ronga and Shangaan), Tucan Tucan aims to promote interaction between diverse cultures.

Tucan Tucan – Conference Entertainers





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