Vittorio Leonardi – Corporate Comedian

Vittorio Leonardi - Corporate Comedian
Vittorio Leonardi - Corporate Comedian

Vittorio Leonardi – Corporate Comedian

Over the last eleven years, Vittorio Leonardi – Corporate Comedian has established himself as a popular and reliable stand-up comedian and MC across the country.

He is an experienced improviser, and a crowd favourite when he headlines at any of the comedy venues he has played at.

In 2004, he was part of the Comedy All-Stars Comedy Competition held at the Armchair Theatre in Cape Town, and, as the only Johannesburg representative, did his adopted city proud by placing second.

His TV experience includes Comedy Showcase and Laugh Out Loud, and a dramatic role in One Way. Book through Speakers Inc

Vittorio Leonardi – Corporate Comedian

This young media-junkie has a way of taking any movie or TV show, and showing it to us through his own quirky lens.

The results are often as thought provoking as they are hilarious, and the big guy’s sleepy charm makes him come across as a gleeful little boy.

He has been invited to give three talks on comedy by Toastmasters South Africa and twice by Mensa.

He is currently a script writer for SABC 1’s celebrity gossip show Real Goboza Reloaded and is listed among the top

creative writers at the SABC.

In film, he appeared in District 9 as Michael Bloemstein; an MNU Alien Civil Affairs Representative.

Vittorio has been the resident MC at various comedy nights across Gauteng including Tanz Café, Bryanston; News Café, Faerie Glen and The Venetian Show Bar in The Marco Polo Casino.

During August of 2008, Vittorio won two Comedy Industry Awards: “The Trusty Steed” (for reliability) and “The Scribe” Award (for most new material). Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

“In the end it’s all about the laughter. If the audience isn’t there, I’m just a nutter talking to myself on an empty stage. I get a kick out of the fact that I get to call this my job.”


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