Zak van Niekerk – Singer

Zak van Niekerk-Conference Singer
Zak van Niekerk-Conference Singer

Zak van Niekerk – Singer was born in the heart of Namaqualand (Springbok) where he also went to school. As a farm boy he ran after sheep in the Boesmanland (his family still lives there) and tried his best to be a farmer like his father and brother, but with no luck, because his first love was always music.

He had his own band during his high school years, but he was the only one who was serious about music. He then decided to do his own thing since then until now.

During his matrix year he was assigned SANA church choir en concert group, also known as the Canaries, for a period of two years. Book through Speakers Inc

At the end of his first year the goverment decided to close the department and he was forced to make plans for the sudden future.

He then decided to study further and luckily Tygerberg College accepted him, although it was a late appliance.

He received a record deal the same year. At the age of only 19 his debut album (Bekfluitjie Boogie) was released on the 14 January 1999.

His second album (Springbok toe) saw the light in 2000 and he left BMG a year after the album was released, because he decided to do his own thing again.

For nearly three years he toured through South Africa and showed in different places for an income.

In 2003 he made his breakthrough! He signed contract with Leo Music en things started to happen.

His third album “Lekkerkry” was then released and the album has Gold status. Two other album followed “Byt My”, nearly gold and “Oe Na Na” going strong.

He is certainly one of the best comedians and that includes his party and listening music. With his unique way he plays the harmonica, many agree he is one of the best! Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

Zak van Niekerk – Singer

With his humour, music and comedy, he always gets a party going!



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