Zanele Njapha

Zanele Njapha

As a Global Speaker, Zanele Njapha has captivated global audiences with her sensational keynotes and thought-provoking unlearning facilitations.

She challenges long-standing company dogmas while developing her audiences with her unique, humorous stories and insightful views around the future of work and creating cultures of continuous self-disruption.

Zanele’s core values include teaching, life-long learning and an entrepreneurial spirit, these are the key messages she drives in every involvement and engagement.

From an academic standpoint, Zanele completed her undergraduate studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and engaged in two study abroad opportunities in Canada and the United States of America.

Zanele began her career as a primary school educator, teaching three of South Africa’s official languages and Natural Sciences & Technology to bright young minds. This was when she came to the realisation that the future skills so highly discussed and sought-after by organisations, were skills that were easily exhibited in children in the forms of inquisitiveness, frankness, resilience etc. This indicated that a large chunk of the work to be done by society was less about learning, but more around unlearning limiting frameworks and relearning the capacity to think and act creatively.

Using such key education and creativity-related insights, Zanele now works with TomorrowToday Global and has since assisted clients such as ENS Africa, Standard Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, The Discovery Group and The Spar Group to approach an uncertain future with confidence.

In 2019, she was recognised by Avance Media as the 45th Most Influential Young South African on the final list of 100 young South Africans.

In the same year, Zanele Njapha became the winner of the Professional Speakers Association’s Speaker Factor Competition, making her the very first speaker to attain this award in Southern Africa.

In 2020, she made the Junior Chamber International (SA)’s list of 21 Top Outstanding Young Persons.

Zanele Njapha now serves fellow speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers as the KwaZulu-Natal Chapter President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

Topics Covered
  • Re-Imagine: UnLearn & ReLearn
  • Navigating Transitions
  • Cracking the Unlearning Code
  • Tomorrow’s World Today


  • Thank YOU SOOOOO much and thank you for giving up your time and treasures to be with us. YOU were everything we wanted to end the conference off and MORE.” – Roxanne Moodley (Event Manager – Institute of Risk Management South Africa)
  • “Wow! What a phenomenal talent Zanele has of making people feel welcome. She takes complex, intimidating subject matter and makes it accessible to everyone. We had the pleasure of having Zanele present at our AGM and then later a facilitated unlearning workshop with our team. Thank you for your perspective and sharing time with us.” – Lauren McGill(Programme Director – Kamvalethu)
  • “Zanele, you were brilliant, so well received” – Taruna Bramdaw (Events & Committee Assistant – SAICA)
  • We will try to download the comments for your session and share with you, but just wanted to let you know people really enjoyed it a lot!!!  Thank you for starting the day on a HIGH note! – Hanley Delport (Conference Consulting SA)
  • “Thank you for a great afternoon which made us all think deeper into what we require to do in the future.” – Graeme Eliiot (Head of Sales – VWFS)
  • “It was truly a pleasure to work with Zanele and TomorrowToday, true professionalism. I have no doubt you would be top of mind for events of this magnitude going forward.” – Edwin Maroga (Client/Market Liaison – Marsh MEA)
  • “I just wanted to send you a thank you for participating in our Summit. You are truly inspiring and I won’t forget those videos you showed us. Your concept around unlearning is wonderful and is something I’ve started to practice and I know our participants and viewers got so much out of it as well.” – Beth Stambler (Managing Director of WEBO Network North Denver Chapter)
  • “Wow Zanele, I do not have words to describe your presentation yesterday at the Fourways Community Chamber of Business’s Virtual Trade Fair. I loved the manner in which you delivered such gripping content on “how to UNLEARN” certain behaviour and thinking patterns.  I was glued to the screen during the whole presentation.  I also loved the interactive element which you brought in to ask questions during your talk and to keep your audience engaged. Well done – fabulous talk!!” – Stella Coetzee (FHL Divorce Mediation)

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