Zipho Sikhakhane – Business Leadership

Zipho Sikhakhane – Business Leadership

Many know Zipho Sikhakhane – Business Leadership as a sought-after global speaker, business woman and business strategist, who navigates the world as a mover, disrupter and a new age business expert.

Zipho is the first black South African to receive a Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Stanford Univer- sity in the USA, which goes to show that Zipho is all about breaking barriers. She also holds a Business Science Honours Degree from he University of Cape Town and has completed leadership courses in Austria, China, Czech Republic, Russia, USA.

Emerging from humble beginnings of growing up in a poor community in South Africa, she was driven to start her first business at the tender age of five, and has led numerous business ventures ever since. Available to book through Speakers Inc

Her insights on leadership and change management emerge from having held strategic positions in world-leading organi- sations locally and internationally. Having worked in 6 continents and travelled to 30 countries, her global outlook gives her a unique perspective on local opportunities and challenges.

She speaks and facilitates on the topics of leadership, change management and doing business in Africa.

She is also the Founder and CEO of EMZ Advisory, which consults to executive teams and of Africa’s biggest corporations. She also invests in small businesses in East, West and Southern Africa and sits on a number of boards.

“I have used Zipho on many occasions and she always delivers. She is polished, professional and engages so well with any audience. We are always moved by her story and uplifted by it. Her success makes one to think that every minute should be used wisely. She has achieved so much in life. She has a great inspirational story that I connected with on a deep level. What an interesting and energetic woman – an inspiration to all!- Adele Ungaretti, Senior Designer – Global Leadership Development, Standard Bank

”It was a privilege to listen to Zipho talk to my executive team and staff. Her content was very inspiring. I took two pages of notes. She is well learned and very practical.” – Doug Smollan, Executive Chairman & Director, Smollan International Retail Solutions


Effective Self-leadership in Changing Times

We should all take responsibility for leading ourselves and our organisations to suc- cess. The talk will covers how individuals can better positioned to respond and thrive in the current environment of constant change and uncertainty.

It starts with first understanding how to adapt how we lead ourselves and others in response to the new reality of a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) and still be able to sustain and manage the other parts of our lives.

For centuries, women were scarcely given a chance in corporate, government and business to showcase their full potential. After numerous years of trying to include women, research has shown that organisations that have women in leadership have healthier and optimal financial performance compared to organisations that lack this. The talk unpacks what orgnisations can do to address this by making the most of the women within the organi- sation.

The talk will be inspirational, practical and encouraging.

Understanding How Remarkable Women Lead

Inspired by the real world insights of many inspirational women,

Zipho Sikhakhane – Business Leadership talks about the essential behavioural traits that are suited for our fast-chang- ing, hyper-competitive and increasingly complex world. These are relevant to both men and women alike and are currently largely underutilised and need to be brought to our consciousness in order to unleash potential.

The talk not only leans on the her own personal experiences as a successful woman in business, but also unpacks the five elements that have enables women to become more holistic leaders, which are meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and en- ergizing.

In the spirit of Womens Month in South Africa, this talk stands to honour the inspiring women of 1956 who leaned on their own uniqueness as a means to effectively drive change.

The talk will be engaging, inspirational and thought-provoking.

Add-on feature: Inspirational Poetry

Zipho Sikhakhane – Business Leadership has been writing and presenting poetry for many years. Upon request, she adds engaging poetry recitals to the keynotes.

“Zipho’s uniqueness is that she uses personal real lived experiences to demonstrate the insights she shares on success. She delivered inspiring insights in a very humble way. The keynote was relevant and relatable to my team, and she connected the dots really well. She is a legend! #legendary #awesomeness #inspiringmessage #fromtheheart” – Jacques Celliers, CEO, FNB South Africa

“Zipho is such a natural speaker and connects very well with her audience. I was inspired. I loved what she said about leadership, that it’s first about managing your life, your choices and decisions that you make daily – as they have a huge bearing on what happens in future. She clearly articulates a path towards finding and strengthening that which distinguishes you.” – Hon. Minister of Public Works & Transport, Lindiwe Dlamini, Swaziland

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