Zuraida Jardin – Celebrity Conference MC

Zuraida Jardin - Celebrity Conference MC
Zuraida Jardin - Celebrity Conference MC

Zuraida Jardin – Celebrity Conference MC is sexy, styling, fresh, passionate, and a little cheeky! Packed with the power ingredients that make a radio show pure entertainment, Zuraida Jardine explodes all over your radio, bringing you the freshest music news and interviews.

Consequently, she is an MC who packs a punch at all events and as such, will be perfect for yours! Book through Speakers Inc

Schooled in Johannesburg and needing to stretch her wings, she applied and was accepted to study broadcasting journalism in Santamonica in the United States.

Undeterred by her visa being turned down a couple of days before she was due to leave, Zuraida simply stepped onto another plane and landed in Australia.

Always up for an adventure, from there she moved on to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Follow SI on Twitter

Upon her return, she graduated with a Diploma in Journalism and a further two international diplomas from the New York Business Institute – one in journalism and the other in business communication.

But she really wanted to act…

Whilst taking drama classes, she went on holiday to Cape Town. A dream from an early age to be on radio, Zuraida auditioned for Good Hope Fm, and has never looked back…

During her five years at Good Hope, she also read the news for the TV show, “Cape @ Six” as well as reported for the TV breakfast show, “AM Today”, Presented the “T.V. Licence Supercard” show and “Mr. South Africa”. Multifaceted, multitalented, unique and sleek, Zuraida touches deep.

Her infectious presence spread across the Mother City until she was lured back to Jozi by 5 fm. Although she will always love Cape Town, being with 5 fm is something really special for her, and she finds only the good in the magic that is – Johannesburg.

Since 1999 her fun-loving and down-to-earth nature has been a winning recipe over the airwaves.

Zuraida Jardine’s beauty emanates from the inside out. Her passion for everything she does has taken her to many exciting places and has seen her as a presenter on both SABC, M-NET and e-TV. She looks back with fond memories, and a lot of fun, on her experiences with “Woza Weekend and Big Brother II”.

She was further entrusted to delve deeper into the housemate’s mad and wacky minds while hosting the Psychological Big Brother show, “Headspace”.

Zuraida Jardin – Celebrity Conference MC

Zee’s background in journalism is an added bonus to the field of broadcasting as her knowledge and experience lends to her deep-seated understanding of the responsibilities that go with the job.

She also finds radio the ideal medium in which to express her sense of individuality. “Being on radio allows you to be you”, comments Zee, “and there is nothing nicer than just being yourself- what more can you ask for?”  And that is exactly what her audience relates to and just what makes her so uniquely special!


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